A truly manoeuvrable and controllable searchlight, with the power to match, has long been the dream of every lighting designer for those big outdoor events and monumental installations. 

WWG's RazorHead (patt.) works in tandem with Xenotech Strong's Britelight range of searchlights to give you precisely that. And not only the dynamic of a moving head, but remote dichroic colour control (patt. app.) also. 

RazorHead is a precision engineered, rugged piece of equipment, utilising a revolutionary head developed by WWG to allow a fully orbital excursion of the beam, without the hassle of driving the searchlight itself - you simply slide it underneath. RazorHead models are available for both 7 and 10kW searchlights. Road proven on U2's Popmart tour, production models are fully DMX512 compatible and provide a variety of optional add-ons. RazorHead is manufactured to order and is available through most good rental houses.

Peter Wynne Wilson and Pearl  in helicopter at the Red Bull Air Show 

Inventor, eccentric and technical creator Peter Wynne Wilson used an Avolites Pearl to control one of the Wynne Wilson Gottelier RazorHead super-searchlights - from the cockpit of a helicopter!

Accompanying Peter and the Pearl in the cockpit was the pilot! This was a spectacular highlight of the Red Bull Air Show in Weiner Neustadt, Austria.

Peter controlled the pan and tilt parameters plus constant rotation on both axes of the RazorHead with the Pearl. To enable this, Avolites wrote a special personality for the RazorHead. The fixture was slung below the helicopter on a 4-way cradle, with the generator on the bottom deck, the xenon power supply on the next 'floor' up, the xenon lightsource itself on the third and finally the RazorHead moving head on the top level.

Avolites boards have subsequently been used to control RazorHeads in many different situations, and Avo have enthusiastically supported the development of the Razorhead project, which started in impressive fashion with the 'Periscopes' on U2's Popmart world tour.

RazorHead  Technical Specification

   RazorHead 7 RazorHead 10

Dimensions 1956h 1290w 1375d 2964h 1601w 1655d

Weight 240kg 500kg

Power Supply 70kg 75kg

Optical Path  460mm diameter  715mm diameter

Speed  0.06 to 60rpm  0.06 to 40rpm

Movement 360° x 360° continuous dual axis

Resolution Movement 12 bit - Effects 16 bit

Colour Option Cyan Magenta and Yellow

Dimmer Option  Radial shutter with smooth dimming 0-100% 
                          Strobe effect from 0.5-12Hz rate

Control USITT DMX512 compatible

Optional Effects Four expansion slots for effects cards 
                          (n.b. CMY colour card occupies 2 slots)

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