The 8" Gel-Stream comes ready to snap-and-go, straight out of the box. Just fit the scroll, slot onto your Parcans, plug it in and away you go. No separate power-supply or splitters to boost the price and up the hassle-factor. 

You won't need any tools to change the scroll either, Gel-Stream is the world's first cartridge-loading colour changer. No tools, no de-rigging, simply release the cartridge and pop in another pre-tensioned 12 or 16 colour combination, to ensure a smooth and perfect scroll every time. Also available is the new Gel-Stream, 5" colour changer. 

Developed specifically for the theatrical market, it will fit onto luminaires of smaller aperture sizes, such as the ETC Source 4 and the Strand SL Series, (both profiles and zooms), as well as the Altman Shakespeare and some smaller fresnel and pebble convex lanterns. Control from both units is, of course, by DMX512. 

Distributed by AC Lighting.

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