A subtractive trichromatic colour changer using interleaved Cyan, Magenta and Yellow blades fabricated from high quality, dichroic coated, borosilicate glass. 

These are arranged in a unique convolving configuration in the optical path and offer practically unlimited colour mixing. The design is extremely compact and efficient making it ideal for embodiment within any suitable luminaire, such as a wash-light. 

The existing Chromascope, which is currently available for use on searchlights, such as WWG's RazorHead, has a 457mm dia. aperture but the same design can be adapted to fit any luminaire from 100mm diameter upwards, and can be made to IP54 for outside use. 

Proportional control, using servo or stepper drives whichever are preferred, is by DMX512. WWG are actively seeking partners interested in taking out manufacturing licences to incorporate this system within their own lights.

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