'It wiggles, it dances, it looks up and down - and it's one of the grooviest things, seen in a long time' 

Ray Molony - Lighting Equipment News, April 1999.

The Caterpillar is the entry-level, dynamic, wiggle-light with the big personality - it is a practical light, 

and an animated attention-getter. It is a versatile display and promotional light, and, when choreographed in massed ranks, it's an eye-popping ceiling feature. It's fun to watch the Caterpillar's undulating presence. It has industry standard data inputs allowing universal control for any number of fittings with programming by x/y co-ordinates. With its flexible, oscillating movements, and a 35W PAR 36 directional pencil beam lamp, the Caterpillar takes on an animatronic life of its own to produce a lively and amusing performance that gives it a starring role in shops, stores, merchandising, promotions, indoor entertainment venues of all kinds, theme parks, experiences, or stage shows to say nothing of clubs, pubs and bars. 

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