Video in motion!

. Project video and images in any orientation

. Real-time digital video effects

. Live video feed

. Instant access to over 65,000 image files

The CatalystT System combines the power of digital media with the creativity of automated effects lighting. Catalyst offers new tools that integrate the video and lighting industries. 

You'll have it all - dynamic image manipulation, revolutionary orbital projection movement and flexible DMX control.

The heart of the system - the Catalyst Digital Media Server (video processing computer) - offers an unlimited range of real-time image processing capabilities. Load you own still or moving images or select from an extensive library of stock files. Then scale, rotate, zoom, edit, morph, colour mix, overlay, blend - to create your desired effect.

Project your image anywhere in three-dimensional space with Catalyst's orbital movement system. The head provides 250° on axis one and 360 ° on axis two and can be fitted on most high-powered rental/staging video projectors* (A 4-chip DLPT

The CatalystT system includes the orbital movement system, a video processing computer, and the accompanying control and effects software. It can be used with most high-powered single lens video projectors.* (A 3-chip DLPT projector is recommended.)

For stunning beam effects, Catalyst gives you Liquid LightT - the groundbreaking new effect that fully animates the beam in the air, creating excitement that goes beyond just straight projection. 

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